Meet the girls ...

Hi! My name is Deborah and I am addicted to cats!

Married, mother of two now married children both with cats of their own, grandmother to two and servant to three gorgeous cats. Cats have always been a part of my life, Sputnik was there to welcome me into the world, Tiger took over when I was 7 and at age 8 … I married him!

My passion is cats and as time is ticking on, I wanted my love to become my daily life. With a career of more than 20 years in Education, I decided upon a complete change and it was either setup Cats Anonymous or start a cat sitting service. I opted for the latter.

Your purrfect cat sitter,


The Boss!!!

I'm in charge! People say I'm the brains behind this operation but all I said was "Meow! Meow! Meow!" before rolling over for a tummy tickle. I love cuddles! Really, I'm a silly snuggle-bum but when I have my serious face on, I'm in charge!

Princess Kenya


Just The Secretary ...

I'm not in charge ... but when Mum is out visiting I'm here to answer the telephone and chase bugs and mice and birds. I like Dreamies! I'm bigger than Kenya so I should be in charge but I'm always pulling silly faces so I'm not in charge and have to answer the telephone.

Miss Mimi Roo


Head of Security

I'm the biggest so I'm in charge of keeping things safe ... but I'm a big fraidycat really and have to keep an eye on things from behind Kenya. I like cuddling up to Kenya because she makes me feel safe.

Eli ("Eek!")


Spanners & Wires?

I'm not a cat, I'm just the Tech Guy ... any weirdness or wobbliness with the world wide website, please get in touch.

Paul, just Paul

 Your data ...

Your Purrfect Cat Sitter takes your privacy very seriously and I will only use information that you give me to provide you with the services that you have requested.

When you contact Purrfect Cat Sitter, I will ask for a minimal set of contact details: your name, the number of and names of your cats, your address and postcode and your telephone number. Your information is collated onto a form which is completed with the following information when we meet at our initial interview: specifics for the term of my visits, details of your Vet, a second contact in the case of emergency and any other details pertinent to my visits for the purposes of sitting your cat. This information is used as the basis for visits thereafter and none of this information is ever made public.

At your request I may take photographs of your cats during my visits for the purposes of sending them to you. These photographs are not made use of beyond that purpose and are never made public.

 My promise ...

I will not use your information for purposes other than stated and will never sell your information to a third party.

I will retain your information for as long as you retain my services, which is assumed unless you specify otherwise – if you would like to know what information I hold about you or would like me to remove your information, please contact me at and I will do so.

I undertake all visits personally. Only in extenuating circumstances and only with your express permission will I divulge any of your information to another party and then only for the purposes of undertaking a visit on my behalf.


Mmmm! Cookies! Cats love Dreamies and we love cookies, but there are no cookies on this website ...

What’s new pussycat? Here’s the Mews!


Going away? We've got you COVID covered!

Normal service resumed ...

Normal service resumed ...


You provide all of your cat's usual food, drink and litter and take your break with peace of mind that he will be well looked after.

Your cat remains in the comfort of his own home within familiar surroundings, his own toys, bed, favourite chair and all his usual sights and smells.


I visit daily to feed, water, clean, groom, cuddle and play with your cat, ensuring his wellbeing and safety.

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